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Factions Update: Ender Dragon Fight

Xemnian OwnerIronObsidian posted Aug 31, 16

This weekend and every following weekend we will be continuing our old tradition of spawning a new Ender Dragon in The End every weekend. The Ender Dragon Event counter to the right of this page will provide an exact time in which the Ender Dragon will spawn every week and these events will be the only way to obtain a Dragon Egg and only if you manage to make it to the center portal without being killed after obtaining the egg by doing the most damage to the Ender Dragon. The player who deals the final blow will receive a Dragon Head. As before, teleportation is not permitted while in the End Arena and once you enter, the only way out is to either die, or defeat the Ender Dragon. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see some serious combat happen this Friday, 6pm CST and every Friday afterwards (unless otherwise announced)

RickehBlaze GoldPatronGodfatherHelper Friday night draGoooon hunts? Sounds like fun. Count me in! ;] -Ricky Blaze

Factions Revamped

Xemnian OwnerIronObsidian posted Jul 17, 16

For those of you who have tried to connect to our Factions server you may have noticed it is currently whitelisted. The reason for this is that we have decided to fully update our Factions server to 1.10, wiping the map and completely revamping the way we handle both the economy and the flow of gameplay.

The first of these updates will be our Task System. Players will be able to do specific tasks listed in the Task Menu (accessible using /task) to do specifc tasks for Ingame Currency every 24 hours. These tasks will mostly involve combat, hunting down other players as well as raiding and will be the primary way that money is introduced into the economy. Farming will no longer be the main means of advancement and mining will only allow you to progress as far as item wealth is concerned. To increase your balance, you must either use our Task System (which will push players to go out and kill other players), Vote each day for your daily $1000 IGM, or trade items/resources with other players. By these means, the economy will maintain itself by limiting how much money is introduced each day as well as push players to raid one another, embracing how factions is meant to be played.

Second, our new map will be dramatically reduced in size, being reduced to a World Border of 10k, meaning the map will be 20k by 20k altogether, and to further push players to raid one another we will be enabling an active dynmap on the server, an map that players can access to view player locations as well as locations of faction claims. This is to push players further to raid one another as well as encourage interesting cannon defences, returning that feeling that factions has been missing for one time of the possibility of being raided at any given moment.

Third, Creeper Eggs and other cannon alternatives will no longer be available as they have been deemed too easy when combined with our upcoming dynmap. TNT will be made more readily available and easier to obtain to balance this out, but given that we are essentially handing over faction coords to you, you will spend much more time cannoning and less time searching so to be fair to the defenders, this change is necessary.

Finally many features we have been experimenting on the Towny server will be made available on the factions server to push gameplay, this will include daily bonuses such as a Daily Rewards Chest that will be filled with random raiding supplies that can be looted every 24 hours as well as revamping the Voting Rewards Crates with voting only permission rewards as well as further tweaking to make voting much more rewarding.

The Factions Server will remain whitelisted until this Friday at 6 PM (CST), as which time it will reopen, with a new map, a new spawn, and a fresh new take on this game mode. We hope to see you then.

speedydinosaur Diamond Needs more Dinosaurs.
Matthew - BigShow Another suggestion/question... will withers be disabled in the over world?
Matthew - BigShow Suggestion, Allow one week of no TNT/DYN map... this will allow players to make a base and get all set up before this is...

Factions needs changes

Xemnian OwnerIronObsidian posted Jul 8, 16

As many of you are all aware our Factions server has all but died out. Many of our players seem to only play on SkyBlock and GTA when online and those who prefer the Factions server have either reached endgame or have grown tired of the same old content. Our economy on factions is much too easy to beat and raiding is so easy to do it's become nonexistant. So I'm offering a solution:

We begin with a map reset and a full update to 1.10. This would wipe the slate clean, no ranks would be lost, only items and such. Everyone would have a chance to be on a level playing field. We would also replace our economy with a setup that for the most part maintains itself the way it should which we have in place on the Towny server atm. Instead of a central server shop, money would be obtained by doing certain tasks, which would be used to push gameplay and would completely remove the idea of farming goods locked away in a base, instead pushing the players to go out and play the way factions is intended to be played. For example a task could contain the objective kill X players, requiring you go out and kill other players to obtain currency, these tasks can be assigned for all players within a single faction as well, creating a group task for even more of a reward. This combined with a dynmap would keep players moving around the map locating and raiding one another, but bases could still be built up and maintained. Creeper eggs would be removed due to how overly effective they are requiring traditional cannon warfare. Additions such as the possibility to use the command /spawner creeper would allow for tnt to exist in bulk to keep raiding consistant. I want to know what my existing factions players think of all of this so we can bring back more players and jump start our factions server once again.

Feel free to comment your ideas on this article as factions needs serious changes at this time.

Matthew - BigShow I think this is a very good idea, I would reset as soon as possible... I'll come back and play defiantly!
ConvexTricolor HelperHelper So you need help huh.. ok IDEA: An Raid Event First Start off with staff building a very strong base that Player in thei...

Minigames Suggestions

Xemnian OwnerIronObsidian posted Jun 27, 16

To further expand upon our new minigame servers, we are looking for player imput as to what minigame QubeMC should feature next. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, we are encouraging our playerbase to post suggestions in our forums using the template found here. Afterwards, the most viable options will be featured in an official poll allowing the players to choose which of the suggestions they want the most. The player who submits the chosen idea will be granted free access to all current and future premium servers (Should two players submit the same or similar idea, the first player to suggest said idea will be rewarded). We are looking for the following in the minigame that will be chosen:

  • The minigame must be playable solo or multiplayer, as opposed to Bed Wars which requires multiple people
  • A largescale build is to be avoided, such as what something like Hunger Games would require
  • As the template would suggest, providing a link to a possible plugin would be preferred

We hope that our community comes up with something players will enjoy and I'm excited to see what you all come up with. Thank you for your time.

RickehBlaze GoldPatronGodfatherHelper I like the Hide n Seek mini game, and Cops & Robbers.
_Flame_Gaming_ hunger games or death run would be cool!
___DeathLord___ GoldZeus I think MineZ is fun, any ways to get something to that effect?

MiniGames Update!

TormentedX PublicistObsidianHelperHelper+ posted Jun 16, 16

Tomorrow, at 6pm(CST) we will be launching the first of our new minigames. "Bed wars", which for those of you who don't know is kind of like Capture The Flag. Two teams will start out trying to gather resources and trade them in the shop to get blocks and gear to storm the other team's location and destroy their bed. Once a teams bed is destroyed, its team members can no longer respawn and whoever is the last team standing is crowned the winner. 

This update we are also introducing a new currency, "QubeGems" which is a minigame exclusive currency, you obtain them at the rate of 10 per 10 minutes while in the new minigames(Only bed wars for the moment). They can also be obtained in game from performing certain feats or doing well, such as Killing other players, destroying their bed, and winning the match in Bed Wars. They will be able to be turned in for rewards that change depending on the server you redeem them on, ranging from cosmetics such as trails and disguises to in-game items such as dragon eggs.

Thank you,

Xemnian OwnerIronObsidian No Jacy2244, QubeGems will server primarily as a means for players to be rewarded for playing minigames regardless of th...
Jacy2244 DiamondModerator Will everyone's current QubeCoin currency be replaced with QubeGems or do we lose them all and start from 0?
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